CEO of Douyin Group Resigns; Joins Jianying Team

TikTok's owner, Bytedance, has announced Zhang Nan's resignation as CEO of Douyin Group.

TikTok owner Bytedance announced on Wednesday the resignation of Zhang Nan as the CEO of Douyin Group, the popular short video platform’s sister app in China.

ByteDance confirmed Zhang’s departure through her personal social media account on WeChat, where she formally announced her resignation.

Transition to Jianying Team:

In her announcement, Zhang disclosed her move to Jianying, a video editing app by ByteDance. However, she didn’t unveil her specific role within the unit but expressed her commitment to contributing to its growth in the era of artificial intelligence.

Contributions and Tenure at ByteDance:

During her impressive decade-long tenure at ByteDance, Zhang was a key player in the company’s leadership. Her significant contributions propelled Douyin to become China’s leading short video platform and one of the largest apps in the country.

As the head of Douyin Group, Zhang held a high-ranking position, reporting directly to ByteDance’s CEO, Liang Rubo. This reflects her integral role within the organization’s hierarchy.

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