Just Eat Takeaway Strikes Partnership with Amazon Prime in Europe

Just Eat Takeaway, Europe's top meal delivery company, has announced a new relationship with Amazon Prime.
Just Eat Takeaway, Europe's top meal delivery company, has announced a new relationship with Amazon Prime.

Europe’s leading food delivery firm, Just Eat Takeaway, has declared a new partnership with Amazon Prime. This deal offers Amazon Prime members in Germany, Austria, and Spain free delivery on food orders over 15 euros ($16.13).

Details of the Partnership:

  • Scope: The collaboration is available in Germany and Austria through Lieferando and Spain through Just Eat.
  • Financial Terms: Just Eat has not disclosed any financial terms, describing the partnership as “mutually beneficial” for both companies.
  • Launch Date: The service will soon roll out, offering Prime members free delivery on qualifying orders.

Significance of the Deal:

This marks the first collaboration between Just Eat and Amazon in Europe, expanding the benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Previously, in the U.S., Amazon customers gained the ability to order from Just Eat-owned Grubhub directly on Amazon’s platform, an extension of an initial deal from mid-2022. This deal offered Prime members no-fee access to Grubhub+ membership.

Strategic Implications:

The partnership is expected to:

  • Enhance customer experience for Amazon Prime members by integrating food delivery services.
  • Potentially increase order volumes for Just Eat Takeaway by tapping into Amazon’s extensive Prime membership base.
  • Strengthen Amazon Prime’s value proposition by offering additional services to its European customers.

By leveraging Amazon’s wide reach and Just Eat’s robust delivery network, both companies aim to create a synergistic relationship that benefits their respective customer bases and enhances market presence.

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