U.S. Auto Safety Regulator Probes Fisker 2023 Ocean SUVs

The United States' auto safety regulator has launched a preliminary investigation into Fisker's 2023 Ocean SUVs.
The United States' auto safety regulator has launched a preliminary investigation into Fisker's 2023 Ocean SUVs.

Following complaints regarding door malfunctions, the U.S. auto safety regulator has initiated a preliminary probe into Fisker’s 2023 Ocean SUVs. 

This development marks another setback for the financially strained startup, adding to its existing challenges.

Nature of Complaints:

The Office of Defects Investigation received 14 complaints alleging intermittent failures of the latch and handle mechanism, hindering the opening of the driver, front passenger, and/or rear doors of Fisker’s electric vehicles. Some reports also noted failures of the emergency override mechanism to open the doors.

NHTSA’s Preliminary Evaluation:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a preliminary evaluation to assess the scope and severity of the potential problem and its safety implications. 

While the regulator may conclude the investigation without taking action against Fisker, it aims to address the reported issues promptly.

Fisker Response and Prior Incidents:

Fisker, currently facing financial and operational challenges, has not commented on the investigation. 

This probe adds to two prior incidents under NHTSA investigation involving issues with the 2023 Ocean SUV’s brakes and unintended vehicle movement.

Financial Uncertainty and Production Pause:

The collapse of talks with a possible investor last month has left Fisker exploring restructuring options and capital market transactions. 

In response to depleting cash reserves, the company announced price cuts for its 2023 Ocean SUV models to stimulate sales and raise capital. 

Additionally, Fisker temporarily halted vehicle production for six weeks, reflecting the company’s efforts to navigate the current uncertainties.

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