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In the ever-evolving world of AI, Jas Singh has emerged as a remarkable and up-and-coming creator. At just 22 years old, Jas has already achieved incredible success in the AI realm, especially with the recent launch of his newsletter, “The Tech Route,” which astoundingly garnered 4,000 subscribers in less than a month. Let’s take a closer look at Jas’s journey and the strategies that have led to his rapid rise in the AI community.

A Teenage Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jas Singh’s entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 14 when he started following the insights of Gary Vee, an expert in managing and profiting from social media. He dived into the digital marketing world, focusing on Instagram and flipping accounts. He would grow these accounts to around 50,000 followers and then sell them to interested buyers online.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Takes Hold

Jas’s early success ignited a strong entrepreneurial mindset within him. Throughout high school, he continued to flip accounts and expanded his knowledge of online marketing and management. Upon graduating in 2018, Jas wanted to pursue business as his college focus. However, coming from an Indian household, his mother was initially against the idea. They compromised, and Jas pursued a degree in Architecture to explore his creative side while continuing his side hustles online.

Continual Learning and Growth

Even during college, Jas persisted in building his side hustles online. He looked up to digital mentors like Alex Hormozi and Gary Vee for guidance and inspiration. Although Architecture was his formal field of study, Jas felt that his real future lay in the fast-growing world of AI and online marketing.

The Discovery of ChatGPT and a New Vision

The introduction of ChatGPT to the market sparked a new vision in Jas’s mind. Recognizing the vast opportunities in AI, he sought out new mentors, one of whom was Rowan Cheung, the founder of “The AI Rundown” newsletter. Jas cold pitched Rowan, seeking mentorship, but at that time, Rowan didn’t require any interns or assistance. Instead of giving up, Jas decided to impress Rowan through dedication and engagement.

Building a Following in the AI World

Jas created a Twitter account and became Rowan’s most devoted reply guy, offering valuable comments and insights on AI topics and tools. This strategic approach not only helped Jas grow his Twitter following exponentially (from about 20 to 2,000 followers in 20 days) but also caught Rowan’s attention.

Seizing Opportunities and Gaining Knowledge

Rowan eventually offered Jas the chance to assist with “The AI Rundown’s” Instagram for a month. In exchange, Jas received valuable advice and mentorship from someone he admired. By applying the knowledge and skills he had acquired, Jas grew his own Twitter account to an impressive 10,000 followers, further solidifying his presence in the AI community.

Differentiating in the Crowded AI Space

To stand out amidst the growing number of influencers in the AI space, Jas adopted creative strategies. He started creating videos for Twitter and even hired an editor using Twitter sponsorships. This move allowed him to generate approximately double his previous 9-5 salary, establishing his position in the booming world of AI.

The Path to Further Growth

Jas’s next step is to expand beyond Twitter and focus on growing his YouTube and TikTok channels while nurturing his newsletter, “The Tech Route.” His current endeavor involves taking part in the 75-day challenge on TikTok, aiming to create 75 pieces of content per week for 75 days. This ambitious challenge draws inspiration from his previous mentor, Alex Hormozi, who advised doing something challenging for 100 minutes a day for 100 days to observe the results.

Jas’s Top Tips for Social Media Growth

Jas generously shares his top tips for achieving social media growth:

1. Engaging with Others is Key

While content is essential, engaging with other accounts and building a community with your followers is even more crucial. Valuable engagements under bigger accounts in your niche can help you grow. Turn on notifications for specific accounts and be the first to reply with valuable input to discussions.

2. Provide a Decent Amount of Content

Once you start gaining visibility through engaging with larger accounts, it’s essential to back it up with a decent amount of quality content. Prove to your new followers that you possess valuable insights and knowledge.

3. Find Your Group

Develop a group of like-minded creators with whom you can grow together. Whether it’s a group chat or a Discord channel, this shared journey will enable everyone to learn from each other’s experiences and struggles.

Follow Jas and his exciting journey on Twitter at @thejassingh or subscribe to his newsletter, “The Tech Route,” to stay updated on the latest AI trends and insights.

In conclusion, Jas Singh’s dedication, resilience, and passion for AI have propelled him to remarkable success at a young age. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring creators in the AI world, emphasizing the importance of engagement, valuable content, and a supportive community in achieving social media growth.

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