Libby Robertson: Bridging Worlds, Building Empires


In the kaleidoscope of entrepreneurial stories, Libby Robertson stands as a radiant beacon, seamlessly blending the ethereal with the pragmatic in her journey from party girl to a spiritual business coach, shamanic healer, and the CEO of Parradiigm – an online coaching brand impacting thousands globally.

Libby’s odyssey began with a childhood lesson in entrepreneurship, selling chocolates door-to-door under her father’s watchful eye. Fast forward to adulthood, armed with a psychology degree and a minor in economics, she embarked on a global adventure, delving into successful careers in sales, teaching, and corporate leadership.

However, it was a pivotal moment on January 30, 2016, that turned her world upside down—literally and metaphorically. A miraculous survival from a drunken suicide attempt became the catalyst for a 180-degree transformation, propelling Libby from the throes of a party lifestyle to embracing the mantle of a #SelfLoveQueen.

Leaving the corporate world behind, she took a leap of faith to establish herself as a beacon of change. Libby’s initial start in entrepreneurship began with a sober coaching blog, where she shared the highs and lows of her own sobriety journey. This marked the genesis of her commitment to helping others create fulfilling sober lifestyles.

As the founder of Parradiigm, her mission transcends conventional coaching. Libby guides spiritual CEOs and leaders to align with their highest selves, creating businesses and lives of magnificent purpose, impact, and wealth. Her unique blend of Soulful Business Strategy, Psychology, and Vibrational Alignment sets her apart in the coaching landscape.

Libby’s list of expertise spans from Revenue Planning and Leadership Training to Shamanic Healing & Energy Work. Her accomplishments, from raising thousands of dollars for charity to replacing her corporate salary in less than nine months, underscore the potency of her methods.

What truly distinguishes Libby is her commitment to bridging worlds—connecting science and spirituality in ways that foster sustainable and positive change. Her soul-centred business coaching and shamanic healing bring a transcendent quality to her work, creating a holistic approach that resonates with clients seeking more than just financial success.

Libby’s impact extends beyond individual transformation; she champions community well-being through her non-profit and social initiatives such as Hope2Fam, Leaders Making a Difference and The Self Wealth Project. Her Coaching Programs, Online Courses, Charity events, Social Media platforms and The Femmepreneur podcast all contribute to making the world a happier, healthier, and wealthier place.

Today, waking up in New Zealand with her husband, running a business she loves, and impacting thousands of lives daily, Libby embodies the entrepreneur who dared to defy logic, listen to her intuitive whisper, and create a life that feels like play. Parradiigm is not just a coaching enterprise; it’s a movement—a testament to the power of purpose, service, faith and gratitude in building a life that transcends ordinary bounds.

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