Adidas Faces First Annual Loss in 30 Years Amidst American Sales Slump

Adidas, the German sportswear giant, reported its first yearly deficit in more than three decades on Wednesday.
Adidas, the German sportswear giant, reported its first yearly deficit in more than three decades on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, German sportswear titan Adidas announced its first annual loss in over three decades, attributing the downturn to challenges in the North American market. 

Struggling with high inventories, sportswear retailers in the U.S. have contributed to Adidas’ woes, exacerbating the impact of the company’s separation from Kanye West and the suspension of its lucrative Yeezy sneaker line in October 2022.

Strategies and Setbacks:

In the tenure of CEO Bjorn Gulden, efforts to revitalize Adidas have been multifaceted. Resuming sales of Yeezy sneakers to liquidate remaining stock while fortifying other popular products like Samba and Gazelle shoes marked a strategic pivot. 

Despite these endeavors, North American sales plummeted by 21% in the fourth quarter and 16% annually, indicative of the market’s challenging landscape.

Market Dynamics and Recovery Efforts by Adidas:

Although flat as of 1115 GMT, Adidas’ stock reflects ongoing efforts to navigate turbulent waters. The company has grappled with shipment delays amidst the Red Sea crisis, which could potentially impact working capital if disruptions persist. 

Despite these hurdles, Adidas remains optimistic about recouping market share and anticipates a double-digit sales growth in China, following an 8% increase in 2023.

Forward-Looking Projections:

Adidas forecasts a stronger recovery in China and expects its underlying business, excluding Yeezy, to rebound with a growth rate of at least 10% in the second half of 2024. 

The company remains vigilant about managing its remaining Yeezy inventory, acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding demand for the iconic sneakers despite successful sales thus far.

Financial Landscape and Social Responsibility by Adidas:

Despite a net loss of 58 million euros, Adidas maintains its commitment to shareholders, proposing an unchanged dividend of 0.70 euros per share. 

Additionally, the company underscores its dedication to social causes, earmarking 140 million euros for donations to charities combatting antisemitism and racism, aligning with its broader corporate responsibility initiatives.

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