Biden Administration Revokes Licenses for Exports to Huawei

The Biden administration has revoked eight permits this year that permitted some companies to transfer goods to Huawei.
The Biden administration has revoked eight permits this year that permitted some companies to transfer goods to Huawei.

According to a document first reported by Reuters, the Biden administration has revoked eight licenses this year that had allowed some companies to ship goods to Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei.

The Commerce Department, overseeing U.S. export policy, confirmed the revocations in response to inquiries, including those from Republican Congressman Michael McCaul.

Impact on Suppliers and Goods:

The revoked licenses included approvals from companies like Qualcomm and Intel, which affected the shipments of various goods to Huawei.

These goods range from exercise equipment and office furniture to low-technology components used in consumer mass-market items such as tablets, as detailed by the Commerce Department. Huawei, Qualcomm, and Intel declined or did not respond to requests for comment.

Biden Administration Strategy:

The details highlight efforts by the Biden administration to exert pressure on Huawei amid concerns over national security, despite Huawei’s denial of being a security risk.

The administration’s actions come as Huawei has shown resilience, rebounding in various sectors, including smartphone sales and smart car components.

Historical Context and Policy Background:

Huawei was placed on a U.S. trade restriction list in 2019, prompting suppliers to seek special export licenses.

The Trump administration had introduced policies allowing a broad range of items to be shipped to Huawei, which continued under Biden initially but has seen significant scrutiny and revocations under current policy.

Congressional and Industry Reaction:

The move also responds to pressure from Congress, particularly Republican China hardliners, to restrict Huawei’s access further despite previous export license approvals.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is reviewing the latest data on the license revocations.

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