Boeing Explores Options to Dismantle Spirit AeroSystems’ Airbus Ties

Boeing is thinking on how Spirit AeroSystems may break or severely diminish its relationships with Airbus.
Boeing is thinking on how Spirit AeroSystems may break or severely diminish its relationships with Airbus.

Boeing is strategizing on how Spirit AeroSystems could sever or significantly reduce its connections with Airbus, as the supply-chain giant’s involvement with the European planemaker complicates Boeing’s efforts to reacquire its former subsidiary.

Sources familiar with the matter reveal that if a deal is reached, Boeing is considering offloading or repurposing specific Spirit businesses that supply crucial components to Airbus. 

This move aims to alleviate concerns and streamline operations as Boeing navigates its bid to reclaim its former subsidiary.

Revisiting Strategic Decisions:

Boeing, the U.S. planemaker, has contemplated reabsorbing Spirit into its operations, particularly after a mid-air cabin panel blowout incident on a 737 MAX 9 in January. 

This incident has prompted Boeing to reassess the decision made two decades ago to separate a critical part of its manufacturing business, emphasizing cost-saving measures.

Boeing is also refining its defensive strategy in anticipation of potential scrutiny from European regulators regarding Airbus’s reliance on its main competitor for vital components. 

This includes custom-made parts utilizing proprietary design and technology, further complicating the situation.

The complexity of the Airbus Business:

Spirit Aero’s Airbus-related activities accounted for a significant portion of its revenue in 2023, prompting Boeing to consider divesting these businesses as part of a potential deal. 

However, Boeing is wary of inheriting Spirit’s Airbus business, particularly the wing-making operations for the A220 jet in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which operates at a loss.

While Spirit has engaged in exploratory discussions with Airbus about selling its Belfast plant, Airbus’s receptiveness to taking over Spirit operations remains uncertain. As negotiations continue, Boeing is exploring various options, including potential buyers for Spirit’s Airbus business.

Commitment to Stakeholders:

Spirit AeroSystems emphasizes its commitment to acting in the best interests of customers, employees, and shareholders. 

The company remains engaged in commercial negotiations with Airbus, exploring viable options to address the evolving situation.

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