China’s Regulatory Shifts Shake Gaming Sector, Official Removed

Feng Shixin was apparently ousted from his post in a significant development for China's gaming sector.
Feng Shixin was apparently ousted from his post in a significant development for China's gaming sector.

In a significant development impacting China’s gaming sector, Feng Shixin, the head of the publishing unit within the Communist Party’s Publicity Department overseeing the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA), was reportedly removed from his position. 

This move comes amid recent proposed regulations to curb spending within the country’s expansive video game market.

Regulatory Measures Trigger Market Turmoil and Speculation:

Feng’s removal was linked to multiple sources, including regulations introduced by the NPPA, which led to a significant downturn in the stocks of key players in the global gaming industry, notably Tencent (0700. HK). 

The precise details behind Feng’s departure remain undisclosed, with the sources preferring anonymity as official announcements have yet to be made.

Industry Impact and Investor Concerns:

Previously a prominent figure representing Chinese regulatory efforts within the gaming sphere, Feng played a pivotal role in discussions concerning game approvals and user verification. 

However, the recent regulatory proposals from the NPPA, aimed at curtailing spending and modifying reward systems in gaming, spurred considerable market volatility, slashing nearly $80 billion from the combined market value of China’s leading gaming enterprises.

Regulatory Uncertainty and Market Response:

The NPPA’s initial proposals raised concerns among industry analysts and investors regarding potential regulatory shifts, significantly affecting investor confidence. 

This came at a delicate economic juncture as Beijing aimed to stimulate private sector investments amid a slowing economy.

Following substantial market reactions, the NPPA expressed willingness to refine the regulations, acknowledging public feedback. 

This shift in stance, occurring within five days of the initial announcement, aimed to address concerns and perhaps ease tensions within the gaming sector.

Market Resilience and Sector Growth:

The stringent regulatory measures of 2021, including limitations on gaming hours for minors and a freeze on new game approvals, significantly impacted the gaming landscape, contributing to the industry’s most challenging year in revenue in 2022.

Despite the regulatory hurdles, China’s gaming market showcased resilience in 2023, witnessing a 14% revenue increase to 303 billion yuan ($42.47 billion), according to CGIGC, signaling a return to growth after the downturn experienced in the previous year.

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