Ford Motor Encourages Managers to Adopt EV with New Lease Program

Ford Motor is launching a new program to encourage the use of electric cars (EVs) among its managers.
Ford Motor is launching a new program to encourage the use of electric cars (EVs) among its managers.

Ford Motor is implementing a new initiative to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among its managers, as revealed in an internal email reviewed by Reuters.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker has updated its leasing program for eligible current and former managers, now mandating the lease of an electric Mustang Mach-E SUV or F-150 Lightning pickup as a supplemental vehicle.

Details of the Program:

Under the revised program, managers must order one of the designated EV models if they wish to lease an additional vehicle beyond their allocated one or two leased vehicles, depending on their management level. This marks the first time Ford has restricted options to EVs for its supplemental lease program.

Rationale Behind the Initiative:

A Ford spokesman stated that encouraging employees to drive electric vehicles through this optional program aims to familiarize more people with EV technology.

This initiative also intends to enable employees to share their firsthand experiences with friends and family, potentially boosting EV adoption.

Impact on Sales and Production:

While Ford has not disclosed the number of managers affected by this policy change, the number of vehicles leased by Ford managers contributes to the automaker’s sales figures.

Sales of the F-150 Lightning have been slower than CEO Jim Farley initially projected, prompting production adjustments earlier this year.

Strategic Shift towards Hybrid and Electric Vehicles:

Despite challenges with EV sales, Ford has seen significant growth in hybrid vehicle sales, outpacing EV sales growth in 2023. CEO Farley has underscored the importance of hybrids in Ford’s future portfolio, signaling a continued focus on hybrid and electric vehicle production.

According to the email to managers, employees currently leasing non-designated supplemental vehicles have until May 15, 2025, to return or purchase those vehicles.

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