Mercedes-Benz Considers Selling Dealerships and Workshops in Germany

Mercedes-Benz has stated that it is ready to selling its dealerships and workshops in Germany.
Mercedes-Benz has stated that it is ready to selling its dealerships and workshops in Germany.

Mercedes-Benz has announced its openness to selling the dealerships and workshops in Germany as the carmaker explores possibly setting up its Group-owned retail branches more independently. 

The decision comes after positive experiences in various European markets, prompting a strategic review of its operations.

Evaluation of Potential Sale:

The carmaker stated that it is evaluating a potential sale of these dealerships and workshops to experienced and reputable dealer groups. 

The move aims to secure long-term sustainability for regional jobs and ensure the competitiveness of the branches.

Supervisory Board Approval Expected:

According to reports, Mercedes-Benz’s supervisory board is anticipated to approve these plans. The review will be conducted on a branch-specific basis, examining each branch individually. 

The company emphasized that the closure of branches is not part of the review.

The review reportedly covered 20 branches with 80 dealerships and approximately 8,000 employees. According to Handelsblatt, each branch is estimated to be worth up to 40 million euros.

Conditions for Potential Buyers:

Potential buyers interested in acquiring these branches must possess “automobile retail expertise” and commit to job guarantees in Germany. 

Mercedes-Benz is keen on ensuring that the sale contributes to the long-term viability of regional jobs and maintains the competitiveness of the branches.

International Sales History:

In previous years, Mercedes-Benz has a history of selling various showrooms in different countries, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. 

This strategic move aligns with the company’s efforts to adapt its retail model based on market dynamics and experiences in various regions.

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