OpenAI Partners with Common Sense Media to Enhance AI Guidelines

OpenAI has collaborated with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to reducing tech and media harm
OpenAI has collaborated with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to reducing tech and media harm

OpenAI has partnered with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that minimizes tech and media harm to children and teenagers. 

The collaboration aims to develop AI guidelines and educational materials for parents, educators, and young adults. 

OpenAI will curate “family-friendly” chatbot apps powered by its GenAI models in the GPT Store based on Common Sense’s rating and evaluation standards.

Joint Effort for AI Safety and Education:

The partnership follows OpenAI’s commitment to participate in Common Sense Media’s framework, launched in September, for ratings and reviews assessing AI products’ safety, transparency, ethical use, and impact. 

The framework aims to provide a “nutrition label” for AI-powered apps, offering insights into their contexts of use. The collaboration seeks to strengthen safety measures and promote responsible AI use for families and teens.

Addressing Parental Knowledge Gap on GenAI Tools:

Common Sense Media’s co-founder and CEO, James Steyer, acknowledged the knowledge gap among parents regarding GenAI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

A recent poll revealed that 58% of students aged 12 to 18 have used ChatGPT compared to 30% of parents. 

The partnership aims to educate families and educators about the safe and responsible use of OpenAI tools, helping avoid unintended consequences of emerging technology.

OpenAI’s Regulatory Challenges and Public Scrutiny:

OpenAI faces regulatory scrutiny and public concern over the societal impact of its GenAI-powered apps. 

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigated OpenAI’s data practices and potential harm caused by ChatGPT. 

European data authorities have also raised concerns about OpenAI’s handling of private information. The collaboration with Common Sense Media aligns with OpenAI’s efforts to address regulatory expectations and enhance public trust in AI technologies.

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