Ruth Foxe Blader Departs Anthemis Group to Establish Foxe Capital

Ruth Foxe Blader left the company to start her own venture firm, Foxe Capital.
Ruth Foxe Blader left the company to start her own venture firm, Foxe Capital.

Ruth Foxe Blader, a seasoned partner at Anthemis Group for nearly seven years, has exited the company to establish her venture firm, Foxe Capital. 

Teaming up with former Anthemis investment associate Kyle Perez and operating partner Sophie Winwood, Foxe Capital is set to embark on a global investment journey, focusing on fintech startups.

Founding Team and Background:

Joining Blader at Foxe Capital is Kyle Perez and operating partner Sophie Winwood. Winwood, a co-founder of WVC:E, an organization advocating for inclusion, empowerment, and integration in the venture capital space, previously collaborated with Blader on this initiative.

Blader boasts a robust track record, having led investments in over 50 fintech startups throughout her career. Notable companies in her portfolio include Lemonade, Branch, Elevate, Flock, Mesh, and Amplify.

Independence and WVC:E Experience:

In an exclusive interview, Blader revealed that the desire for independent investment management was the primary motivation behind her departure from Anthemis. 

The experience gained from co-founding WVC:E in April 2022 provided a glimpse into the possibilities of an independent venture, further fueling Blader’s decision to launch Foxe Capital.

Transition Arrangements with Anthemis:

Foxe Capital will continue to operate on behalf of Anthemis, serving as a sub-advisor for the firm and managing the vehicle initiated in 2017. 

As this capital is deployed, Foxe Capital will focus on fundraising. Anthemis retains an economic interest in the vehicle but owns no part of the management company.

While Blader splits her time between France and New York, Foxe Capital is headquartered in New York City. The firm’s investment scope will be global, with the United States as its primary market. 

Blader emphasized a willingness to explore opportunities globally, with prior investments extending to Europe, India, Cameroon, and Latin America.

Industry Challenges and Anthemis History:

Blader’s departure coincides with a broader restructuring at Anthemis, marked by staff reductions and challenges in fundraising, including the abandonment of a SPAC initiative. 

The company also faced difficulties with portfolio companies, such as Pipe and Daylight, over the past 18 months.

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