Spain’s Data Protection Watchdog Suspends Meta Election-Related Apps

The AEPD has ordered the temporary suspension of two Meta products scheduled to be put on its social media services.
The AEPD has ordered the temporary suspension of two Meta products scheduled to be put on its social media services.

Spain’s data protection watchdog, the AEPD, has ordered the provisional suspension of two planned Meta products to be deployed on its social media applications, Instagram and Fa, Facebook for the upcoming European election. The AEPD announced this decision on Friday.

Affected Meta Products:

The suspended apps are named “Election Day Information” and “Voter Information Unit.” According to the AEPD, these apps can violate Spanish data protection laws.

The AEPD’s decision underscores the ongoing concerns about privacy and data defense in the context of digital platforms, particularly during sensitive events like elections. The watchdog’s move reflects its commitment to ensuring that any digital tools deployed do not infringe on the personal data rights of Spanish citizens.

Implications for Meta:

This suspension represents a significant challenge for Meta as it attempts to integrate new features to engage users in the electoral process.

Before these apps can be implemented, the company will need to address the AEPD’s concerns and ensure compliance with Spanish data protection regulations.

The suspension comes amid growing scrutiny of tech companies’ handling of user data, especially in the European Union, which has stringent data protection laws under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Meta’s compliance with these regulations is crucial as it seeks to introduce new functionalities on its regional platforms.

Next Steps:

Meta will likely need to engage with the AEPD to resolve these issues and potentially modify its apps to meet the required data protection standards.

This process could involve reassessing how the apps collect, store, and use personal data to ensure they align with Spanish and EU regulations.

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