Spirit AeroSystems Limits Production Amid Boeing 737 MAX Slowdown

Spirit AeroSystems, a key Boeing supplier, is reducing production and hiring as 737 MAX output declines.
Spirit AeroSystems, a key Boeing supplier, is reducing production and hiring as 737 MAX output declines.

Spirit AeroSystems, a pivotal supplier for Boeing, is scaling back production and hiring amid a decline in 737 MAX jet output. 

The slowdown comes as Boeing faces increased scrutiny and regulatory checks following a midair panel blowout incident in January. 

Boeing’s reduced production is now affecting Spirit AeroSystems, prompting concerns about potential layoffs and the company’s future.

Impact on Spirit AeroSystems:

The decline in Boeing’s MAX jetliner production has reduced demand for parts supplied by Spirit AeroSystems, which manufactures a significant portion of the 737 aircraft. 

As a result, Spirit AeroSystems is limiting overtime, scaling back hiring, and addressing employee concerns about potential layoffs. While the company has not officially announced layoffs, employees are apprehensive about the future.

Boeing’s Influence on Spirit AeroSystems:

Boeing’s MAX program accounts for a significant portion of Spirit AeroSystems’ business, and any decrease in Boeing’s purchase volume directly impacts Spirit’s operations. 

Boeing’s ongoing discussions to acquire Spirit AeroSystems add another layer of uncertainty to the situation as both companies navigate the challenges of reduced production and supply chain disruptions.

Uncertainty in Boeing’s Supply Chain:

While Boeing continues to accept deliveries at a reduced production rate, the long-term impact on its broader supply chain remains uncertain. 

Suppliers like Spirit AeroSystems adjust their operations to align with Boeing’s rate profile. Still, the duration of the slowdown and its implications for the supply chain are yet to be determined.

Future Outlook:

Analysts and industry experts anticipate stabilizing output and addressing production issues will be critical for Boeing and its suppliers. 

However, the duration of the slowdown in production and Boeing’s ability to increase delivery rates remain key uncertainties. 

Spirit AeroSystems, like other Boeing suppliers, faces challenges in recovering from the setbacks caused by the MAX crashes and the pandemic-induced downturn in travel.

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