Tesla Recalls Cybertrucks Due to Accelerator Pedal Issue

Tesla issued a recall of 3,878 cybertrucks to resolve a possible problem with the accelerator pedal pad.
Tesla issued a recall of 3,878 cybertrucks to resolve a possible problem with the accelerator pedal pad.

Tesla initiated a recall of 3,878 cyber trucks on Friday to address a potential issue with the accelerator pedal pad, as the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported. 

The recall aims to rectify a situation where the accelerator pedal pad may become loose and lodged in the vehicle’s interior trim, posing a risk of unintended acceleration.

Safety Concerns:

 The NHTSA highlighted the potential danger of a trapped accelerator pedal, which could lead to unintentional acceleration and increase the crash risk. 

This safety concern underscores the importance of addressing the issue promptly to secure the safety of Tesla Cybertruck owners and other road users.

Impact on Tesla:

Following the recall announcement, Tesla’s shares declined nearly 3%, contributing to a five-session losing streak that resulted in a cumulative loss of about 14%. 

The company faces challenges as it navigates vehicle safety and quality control issues.

Repair Process: 

Tesla has committed to replacing or repairing the accelerator pedal assembly at no cost to affected Cybertruck owners. 

In June, owners will receive mail notifications providing instructions on how to proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements.

Recall History:

This recall adds to Tesla’s recall history, which included three recalls affecting approximately 2.4 million vehicles in the first quarter of 2024. 

While Tesla often addresses recall issues through over-the-air software updates, certain safety concerns may require physical modifications or replacements.

Regulatory Scrutiny: 

The recall comes amidst increased regulatory scrutiny of Tesla’s vehicles. In February, Tesla recalled about 2.2 million vehicles in the United States due to incorrect font size on warning lights. 

Additionally, U.S. safety regulators escalated their investigation into Tesla’s vehicles over power steering loss to the status of engineering analysis, indicating a heightened focus on safety compliance.

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