United Airlines in Talks with Airbus for A321neo Jets Amid Boeing Delays

United Airlines is allegedly in negotiations with Airbus about ordering additional A321neo jets.
United Airlines is allegedly in negotiations with Airbus about ordering additional A321neo jets.

United Airlines is reportedly in talks with Airbus about possibly purchasing more A321neo jets to address potential gaps created by the delayed Boeing 737 MAX 10. 

The discussions, initiated by United CEO Scott Kirby during a recent visit to Airbus in Toulouse, aim to explore alternatives following concerns over the certification delays and safety issues related to the Boeing 737 MAX 10.

Uncertainty Surrounding Boeing 737 MAX 10 Certification:

The discussions come in the wake of a mid-air emergency on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, contributing to doubts over the certification of the already-delayed Boeing 737 MAX 10. 

United’s consideration of Airbus’ A321neo serves as a potential trade-off to mitigate the impact of the MAX 10 delays.

Sources suggest that talks between United and Airbus are in the early stages, and there is no assurance of a finalized deal. Both Airbus and United Airlines declined to comment on the ongoing discussions.

Impact on Boeing and Certification Concerns:

The potential Airbus deal raises concerns at Boeing, which is currently grappling with quality and safety issues, aiming to reassure regulators and the public. Boeing cannot clarify the MAX 10 certification timeline, contributing to the uncertainty of the order.

United Airlines recently resumed Boeing 737 MAX 9 flights after a partial grounding related to safety concerns. 

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal expressed regret for the disruption caused to customers and emphasized Boeing’s commitment to addressing quality problems.

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