Lewis Raymond Taylor: Creating his own legacy as a $25M entrepreneur, innovator, and thought leader.

Lewis Raymond Taylor's life has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, with more downs until he decided to make the change.
Lewis Raymond Taylor's life has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, with more downs until he decided to make the change.

Building a success path from the ground up, he has been transforming lives with “The Coaching Masters,” turning people into successful life coaches.

It is truly astonishing to see how a few individuals, even in the darkest times, choose to switch on the light and walk ahead, creating their path to growth, evolution, and success. Even more, spellbinding is how most of these individuals proved their mettle in their twenties, becoming sources of inspiration and a beacon of hope for millions of others vying to make their mark in their desired industries. We couldn’t help but notice what Lewis Raymond Taylor did in his journey to transformation, eventually transforming the lives of others through his one-of-a-kind “The Coaching Masters.”

Lewis Raymond Taylor’s life has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, which had him see more downs until he chose to make the change within himself to see a change in his life, propelling him to where he stands today as a high-performing CEO and the brain behind his highly successful $25M business The Coaching Masters. Once a convicted felon, Taylor now stands as a proud Founder and CEO of his company, which has already become a multiple million international coaching training platform that helps transform the lives of those who aspire to launch their coaching business. His journey from a troubled past to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a testament to his resilience, strong self-belief, courage, and personal growth.

His early life was marked by significant adversity: his father being an alcoholic, consistently belittled by him, and creating an internal dialogue of self-doubt. After being sexually abused at 11 years, getting into violence and legal troubles, and consistently having been encountered by law in his 20s, he was heading to hell. But a moment changed his life when he realized all this had to stop, and he had to start making changes within himself.

His road to redemption started with his decision to engage in a rehabilitation program that profoundly impacted his outlook on life. He began to take responsibility for his actions, pursue education, and begin walking on his path to self-improvement. This transformative period laid the foundation for Taylor’s future endeavors. After his release, he began volunteering for charities and later founded The Coaching Masters after realizing the power he had within him to help others navigate their challenges and achieve their goals.

Through The Coaching Masters, he has created the world’s #1 coaching community, where they help people become online life coaches with their own freedom-based and passion-led online coaching business. It has over 10,000 community members and 6,000 qualified coaches serving across 85 countries, and it has enabled clients to earn $250M using their state of the art application for coaches called CoachApp.

Lewis Raymond Taylor has also garnered more headlines for being an accredited coaching trainer, an international TEDx speaker, and the host of his podcast “Life Reclaimed.” His life story was also featured in the Netflix documentary, “The Psychopath Life Coach,” which sheds light on his journey from a diagnosed psychopath to a life coach. He also has a venture called Café Coach, designed for coaches, offering food, music, workshops, and more located in Bali.

Today, Lewis Raymond Taylor (@lewisraymondtaylor) travels the world, mainly living with Bali whilst he embarks on a new career into acting, has a newborn son named Ocean, whilst he continues to inspire thousands worldwide, inspiring positive change through The Coaching Masters and his online presence.

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