Marcus Skeen revolutionizes the world of security solutions and inspires aspiring talents

Marcus Skeen is transforming the security solutions market and motivating future talent.
Marcus Skeen is transforming the security solutions market and motivating future talent.

Marcus Skeen is revolutionizing the security solutions industry while inspiring future talent. As the CEO of WGS Group Inc., he continually redefines norms and achieves remarkable success, driving innovation within the sector.

Learning about individuals who challenge established norms and rise above by constantly innovating is always inspiring. Marcus Skeen stands out as one of these visionary professionals. His dedication and ingenuity have significantly impacted the security industry, where he has held key positions and driven substantial growth.

In 2020, Marcus Skeen relocated to the US after holding significant roles in various parts of the world to develop cutting-edge security solutions. This move marked a pivotal point in his career, leading him to acquire WGS Group Inc., where he currently serves as CEO. With over two decades of experience in the security industry, Marcus has worked across Australia, Asia, and the US, specializing in multiple facets of security operations.

Marcus began his journey in security in 1992. After venturing into law enforcement, he found the bureaucratic nature of government agencies limiting. Recognizing the advantages of security management, he spent 12 years working for corporate entities in Asia and Australia, becoming a prominent security manager in the Asia-Pacific region. His notable roles include a four-year tenure as the security manager for the Hong Kong Sevens. In 2014, he returned to Australia, acquiring businesses like BNA Security in North Queensland and ASAP Security in Sydney, thus stepping into entrepreneurship. Despite the pandemic hindering his Asian expansion goals, Marcus relocated to the US in 2020 and acquired WGS Group Inc. in Las Vegas. He has since expanded its reach to Northern and Southern California, creating a hugely successful business.

Since acquiring WGS Group Inc., Marcus has doubled its size and revenue, expanding the team to over 220 security guards. His leadership exemplifies true entrepreneurship with a compassionate heart. Marcus is a strong supporter of Blue Lives Matter NYC and plans to expand his security business into New York and Chicago in 2024, while maintaining his philanthropic goals and supporting communities.

WGS Group focuses on physical security guards and comprehensive security solutions, operating as a boutique-style company delivering superior-quality services. Marcus Skeen’s dedication to transforming the security industry is evident in his commitment to innovation and excellence.

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