Tommie Mopia: Beyond Borders and Boundaries

Blazing a Path from the Streets of Makato, Aklan to International Recognition


Tommie Mopia’s story isn’t merely about success; it’s about shattering barriers, creating a unique journey, and personifying resilience. Born in the picturesque town of Guimbal, Iloilo, Philippines, Tommie’s upbringing and formative years were rooted deeply in Makato, Aklan, shaping him into the visionary he is today.

An Early Passion for Learning

Tommie’s educational foundation was laid at Makato Integrated School, where he imbibed elementary knowledge. This commitment to education carried through to his high school days at Numancia Integrated School in Numancia, Aklan. Seeking higher education and broadened horizons, he enrolled at the Adventist University of the Philippines in Silang, Cavite.

The Entrepreneurial Spark

Upon migrating to the US, Tommie’s passion for learning didn’t wane. Instead, he absorbed business insights from renowned institutions. This newfound knowledge coupled with an innate entrepreneurial spirit led to the inception of the TGM Group of Companies Inc. This venture not only underscored his business acumen but also served as a beacon, spotlighting Filipino talents in the entertainment world.

Recognition on a National Stage

Tommie’s stellar accomplishments in business and entertainment attracted widespread recognition. Celebrated by CNN Philippines as the “Emerging Young Entrepreneur of 2022,” he was even invited to grace the “Final Word” show with Rico Hizon. Further, in the United States, he made a significant mark, being heralded among the “75th Most Influential Filipino-Americans of 2022.”

BULIG 2023: A Testament to Selfless Service

However, Tommie’s impact extends beyond the realms of business and entertainment. He masterfully coordinated “BULIG 2023,” a grand medical and evangelical mission epitomizing “Healing Bodies, Reaching Souls.” This initiative, a collaborative effort with prestigious entities like Loma Linda Tagalog SDA Church, White Memorial SDA Church, Advent Mission Foundation, Makato SDA Church, and Mopia Clan, served an impressive 4,000 patients. This dedication translated to services worth a remarkable 15 million pesos.

At the heart of this mission was the vision of Tommie’s late father, Nemuel Tabares Mopia. Originally conceptualized by Nemuel, Tommie brought this dream to fruition as a poignant tribute, ensuring his father’s aspirations were realized and legacy immortalized.

Honoring a Visionary

Nemuel Tabares Mopia was more than just a father to Tommie; he was a mentor, a guide. Having conceptualized the medical mission, Nemuel’s untimely passing saw his son, Tommie, ensure that the mission lived on, becoming a testament to the bond they shared.

A Continuation of Legacy and Promise

Tommie Mopia’s narrative is nothing short of inspirational. From the streets of Makato, Aklan, to global accolades, his journey underscores the essence of dreams realized through grit, determination, and staying rooted to one’s values. As he charts forward, his mother, Rosenie Gelonga-Mopia, remains his unwavering pillar of support. Tommie’s story stands as a beacon, illuminating the limitless potential of dreams backed by tenacity and vision.

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