Jennifer Hudson and Common Officially Confirm Their Relationship

Jennifer Hudson and Common appear to have acknowledged their romance on her talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show.
Jennifer Hudson and Common appear to have acknowledged their romance on her talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Jennifer Hudson and Common appear to have confirmed their romantic relationship during a preview of an upcoming episode of Hudson’s talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show. 

The singer-actress introduced Common with a rap, and he later presented her with a large bouquet, setting a romantic tone for the segment.

Hudson’s Inquiry About Common’s Relationship Status:

During the interview, Hudson, 42, playfully asked the 51-year-old Common about his relationship status. The question led to a light-hearted exchange where Common, though not mentioning Hudson by name, hinted at his connection with a remarkable person.

Common described his partner as one of the most beautiful people he has ever met, highlighting her intelligence, love for God, down-to-earth nature, and talent. 

The actor and musician jokingly mentioned setting high standards, including wanting his partner to be an EGOT winner, referencing Hudson’s Tony Award win in 2022.

Hudson’s Response and Relationship Confirmation:

Hudson reciprocated the positive sentiment, expressing her happiness in the relationship. While not explicitly naming Common, the confirmation was evident. 

In return, the actress inquired about Common’s happiness, to which he shared that the relationship is a happy place for him, and seeing her happy brings him joy.

Previous Rumors and Public Appearances:

Rumors of their relationship had circulated since 2022, when the Chicago natives were seen together. Hudson, however, remained coy during a September 2022 interview. 

Since then, the couple has been spotted together multiple times, including a recent public appearance at a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks.

From On-Screen Partners to Real-Life Couples:

The couple initially worked together on an upcoming thriller, Breathe, where Common played Hudson’s husband on screen. 

Their on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life connection, marking the beginning of a romantic journey.

Common emphasized his gratitude and expressed that he let God guide their relationship. Both stars seemed content and happy with their connection, echoing the joy they find in each other’s happiness.

A Public Affirmation of Love:

The public confirmation of their relationship on The Jennifer Hudson Show adds a romantic chapter to the personal lives of the talented duo, creating a buzz of excitement among fans and followers.

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