Samsung Unpacked Event: Galaxy S24 Flagship Launch

The Galaxy S24, Samsung's latest flagship, will be revealed at the forthcoming Samsung Unpacked event.
The Galaxy S24, Samsung's latest flagship, will be revealed at the forthcoming Samsung Unpacked event.

At the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung is set to reveal its latest flagship, the Galaxy S24. Breaking from the tradition of spreading announcements across CES and Mobile World Congress, the company has chosen a standalone event in California for the flagship’s launch, signaling a shift from big companies saving major news for specific events.

Noteworthy Features and Specifications:
  • New Flatter Display: The Galaxy S24 is expected to feature a new flatter display design, departing from previous iterations.
  • Upgraded Camera Array: The flagship’s camera array is anticipated to include another four-camera setup, with changes such as halving the 10x telephoto capabilities.
  • Titanium Frame: Similar to the iPhone 15, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is gossiped to have a titanium frame, enhancing durability.
  • AI-Centric Focus: Samsung strongly emphasizes artificial intelligence (AI) features, with on-device generative AI expected to be a key highlight. Incorporating Google’s “Circle to Search” feature is also anticipated.
AI Integration with “Circle to Search” Feature:

Samsung is set to integrate the new “Circle to Search” feature from Google, showcasing the ongoing trend of AI enhancements on mobile devices. The feature aims to make search engine access more convenient and accessible for users.

While the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the centerpiece of the lineup, Samsung may also announce the standard Galaxy S24 and S24+ options during the Unpacked event. 

The company could surprise with additional hardware announcements beyond its flagship lineup.

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