Apple Becomes First Brand to Surpass $1 Trillion in Value

Apple has become the first brand to achieve $1 trillion in brand value, with a 15% rise over the previous year.
Apple has become the first brand to achieve $1 trillion in brand value, with a 15% rise over the previous year.

Apple has become the first brand to exceed $1 trillion in brand value, experiencing a 15% increase from the previous year.

This landmark achievement was highlighted in a global ranking released by Kantar’s BrandZ on Wednesday, cementing Apple’s position as a dominant force in the technology sector.

Top Contenders in Brand Value:

For the third consecutive year, Apple retained its title as the world’s most valuable brand in 2024. Following closely behind were Alphabet’s Google, with a brand value of $753 billion, and Microsoft, valued at $713 billion, according to Kantar’s report.

Apple’s recent unveiling of new AI features is expected to reignite demand for iPhones, potentially reversing the sales decline of its flagship product amid volatile consumer spending and increased competition from other tech companies.

Market Capitalization Standings:

In terms of market capitalization, Apple stands at $3.18 trillion, just behind Microsoft at $3.22 trillion and ahead of AI chip leader Nvidia, which has a market cap of $2.97 trillion. These figures reflect these tech giants’ significant market presence and financial strength.

The Rapid Rise of Nvidia:

Nvidia has made a remarkable entry into Kantar’s list of the top 10 most useful brands globally, driven by a surge in AI enthusiasm and a boom in chip demand.

In the past year, Nvidia’s brand value has nearly tripled to over $200 billion, positioning it as the sixth most valuable brand.

Kantar attributes Nvidia’s success to investor confidence in the company’s role in key technological innovations such as generative AI, autonomous mobility, and spatial computing.

Kantar Research Methodology:

Kantar’s comprehensive research involved over 4.3 million consumer interviews across 532 categories and 21,000 brands in 54 markets.

This extensive data collection underscores the depth and breadth of the analysis supporting the BrandZ rankings.

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