Tesla Aims for Mid-2025 Production of EV Codenamed “Redwood”

The new model is an important element of Tesla's effort to join the inexpensive EV market.
The new model is an important element of Tesla's effort to join the inexpensive EV market.

Tesla has reportedly informed suppliers of its plans to commence production of a new mass-market electric vehicle (EV), internally codenamed “Redwood,” by mid-2025. 

Described as a compact crossover, the model is a key element in Tesla’s strategy to enter the affordable EV market, allowing it to compete with gasoline-powered cars and other economical EV options.

Elon Musk’s Vision for Affordable Electric Vehicles:

Elon Musk has long expressed his vision for affordable electric vehicles, including an entry-level $25,000 car. 

The “Redwood” model and other next-generation platforms aim to realize this vision, enabling Tesla to appeal to a broader consumer base and compete more aggressively in the increasingly competitive EV market.

“Redwood” Requests for Quotes Sent to Suppliers:

Tesla reportedly sent “requests for quotes” to suppliers last year for the “Redwood” model, indicating progress toward its production. 

The company forecasted a weekly production volume of 10,000 vehicles, which is anticipated to commence in June 2025. The move aligns with Tesla’s ongoing efforts to expand its product lineup and cater to market segments.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Affordable EV Segment:

While Tesla aims to make affordable EVs more accessible, challenges such as battery costs and manufacturing efficiency remain. 

The company’s track record of setting ambitious targets and occasionally missing them underscores the complexity of delivering cost-effective, high-quality vehicles. 

Tesla’s foray into the affordable EV segment may reshape market dynamics and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility.

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