Aldo Corbo creates a legacy of his own, trailblazing in the Italian dental healthcare sector.

Aldo Corbo, an incredible Italian entrepreneur, offers affordable and accessible dental care services
Aldo Corbo, an incredible Italian entrepreneur, offers affordable and accessible dental care services

Pioneering Dental Tourism, Aldo Corbo, an incredible Italian entrepreneur, offers affordable and accessible dental care services across Italy.

Isn’t it astonishing how a few professionals all over the world have climbed the ladder of success all on their own, thriving off of their passion, resilience, and powerful purpose? “What matters at the end of the day is how committed you are to your goals and how deep you have dived into your resolute to bring about a wave of great change in your chosen niche and sector with the genuine purpose to add more value to people’s lives,” shares Aldo Corbo Baldassare, an incredible Italian entrepreneur, pioneering Dental Tourism and creating a legacy of his own trailblazing in the Italian dental healthcare industry.

The brain and heart behind “Centro Dentale Corbo” and Premaxillary Device Aldo Corbo is an inventor who has always aimed to transform Italy’s dental care sector for the better. Early in his career, he realized how the industry lacked dental care services that were affordable and accessible to all. Hence, he created his clinic in 2008 to fill this gap and provide the best dental care treatments in Italy that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Hailing from Canicattì, a town in Sicily, Italy, this dynamic personality in the dental care industry of Italy dived deep into the dental healthcare sector and since then has only been pushing boundaries in the industry and ensuring to stay ahead of the curve only to genuinely transform the dental care landscape in the nation. He found motivation from Italians who sought dental care treatments abroad due to cost issues and accessibility. Hence, he founded Corbo Dental Clinic and went ahead in becoming a leader in dental implantology, which also put him on a growth pedestal across Europe.

By introducing the concept of Dental Tourism in Italy, Aldo Corbo demonstrated his visionary foresight and his commitment to providing the best dental care treatments across the nation. His innovative approach not only reduced the number of patients seeking treatments abroad but also significantly contributed to the economy of Italy by redirecting healthcare expenditures within the country.

Under the dynamic leadership of Aldo Corbo, Corbo Dental Clinic has not only made a significant impact in Naples and Rome but also has ambitious plans for the future. With forthcoming launches in Northern Italy and a vision to establish 20 more centers by 2024 across the country, the future of the brand looks promising. Aldo Corbo’s groundbreaking contributions have solidified his position as a leading figure in Italy’s dental care industry.

He is more than what meets the eye. He has not only taken over Italy’s dental healthcare industry but also won hearts as an author, debuting with his book “Invent Your Future,” in which he shares his wisdom and experiences to inspire others through his insights and experiences. Pioneering the concept of Dental Tourism, Aldo Corbo has indeed created a legacy of his own.

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