Jacine Greenwood: The Resilient Beacon of Ethical Entrepreneurship


In the bustling world of beauty and cosmetics, where competition is fierce, and trends change as swiftly as the wind, Jacine Greenwood has etched an indelible mark. But what sets her apart? It’s a tale of grit, ethical leadership, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

Starting over her kitchen sink in 2013, Jacine’s brainchild, Roccoco Botanicals, now touches lives in three countries. Achieving such exponential growth without paid advertising is no mean feat. It reflects the undying trust her brand has cultivated and the genuine results it delivers. But this meteoric rise isn’t the most impressive part of Jacine’s journey.

What truly stands out is her resilience. Undergoing five spinal surgeries and with a sixth on the horizon, Jacine’s undying spirit serves as a testament to the power of a bulletproof mindset. When most would crumble under such physical challenges, she has thrived, earning her well-deserved accolades and the heartfelt tag, “The Fairy Godmother of Skin.”

This endearing title isn’t just for her groundbreaking products. It’s a reflection of her compassionate nature, of the countless hours she’s spent assisting individuals without expecting financial gains. She dives deep into the unique needs of her customers, addressing concerns like the aftermath of a failed tummy tuck, proving that she isn’t just selling products; she’s selling hope.

Yet, Jacine’s impact doesn’t end with her customers. Her vision encompasses a broader horizon: our planet. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, Roccoco Botanicals stands as a beacon of sustainable practices. Be it recycled paper for packaging or partnering with suppliers rooted in sustainability, Jacine’s commitment is unwavering. Her dedication to sourcing high-quality, nutrient-dense botanicals ethically showcases a rare blend of entrepreneurial vision and moral responsibility.

Africa, often an easy continent to exploit, finds a conscientious partner in Jacine. She has invested significant time and resources to ensure her suppliers resonate with her ethos of fair wages, sustainable harvesting, and supporting natural ecosystems. Such ethical practices come with a price. Sourcing sustainably means incurring higher costs. But for Jacine, it’s more than a mere business expense. It’s an investment in Earth’s future.

Her dedication and journey, rife with challenges and triumphs, find voice in her upcoming book, “Just Go For It – How To Grow A Multimillion Dollar Business With NO Advertising.” Slated for a November 1st launch, it aims to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of readers, urging them to take the plunge, much like she did.

For CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jacine Greenwood is more than just a success story. She represents what the future of leadership should encapsulate: resilience, ethical foresight, and a genuine concern for the planet and its inhabitants.

She’s a living testament to the fact that with passion, perseverance, and a clear vision, one can not only navigate the tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship but also set new benchmarks of ethical leadership. The beauty industry, historically marred by questions on sustainability and ethical sourcing, finds in Jacine a pioneer who not only asks the right questions but also provides actionable solutions.

In an era where profit often overshadows principles, Jacine Greenwood serves as a radiant reminder that the two can co-exist harmoniously. CEOs across industries can draw inspiration from her journey, re-evaluating their roles not just as business leaders but as global citizens.

Jacine isn’t just a business magnate; she’s an emblem of hope, a beacon for ethical entrepreneurship, and a role model for leaders worldwide. Her story reaffirms that success isn’t just measured in numbers and growth charts. It’s also gauged by the positive imprint one leaves on the world. And Jacine Greenwood, with her indomitable spirit and ethical vision, is doing just that.


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