Ryanair CEO to Meet with Boeing Executives Amid Delivery Delays

Ryanair's CEO, Michael O'Leary, stated on Wednesday that he will meet with senior Boeing executives.
Ryanair's CEO, Michael O'Leary, stated on Wednesday that he will meet with senior Boeing executives.

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, announced on Wednesday that he will be meeting with senior executives from Boeing later in the day in Dublin to address the ongoing delays in plane deliveries, adding to the challenges facing the U.S. aircraft manufacturer.

Discussion Points:

O’Leary stated that the meeting will cover several key topics, including:

  1. Delivery Delays: The primary focus will be addressing the prolonged delays in aircraft deliveries, impacting Ryanair’s operations.
  2. Certification of Boeing 737 MAX 10: Additionally, discussions will revolve around the certification process for Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 aircraft, a crucial aspect of Ryanair’s fleet expansion plans.
  3. Oversight Issues: Ongoing concerns regarding oversight and quality control following the recent incident involving the loss of a panel on an Alaska Airlines MAX 9 will also be addressed.

Importance of Improved Quality Control:

O’Leary emphasized the need for quality control and systems improvements at Boeing’s Seattle, Washington manufacturing facilities. While acknowledging Boeing’s track record of producing quality aircraft, he underscored the necessity for enhancements to ensure consistently high standards.

The CEO highlighted the increased regulatory scrutiny faced by Boeing from entities such as Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While acknowledging the challenges posed by heightened oversight, O’Leary expressed optimism that it would ultimately lead to improvements in production processes.

Impact on Ryanair Operations:

The prolonged delivery delays have prompted concerns within Ryanair, with O’Leary warning of potential disruptions to the airline’s summer schedule. 

As Boeing’s largest European customer, Ryanair is keen to address these problems promptly to minimize any adverse effects on its operations.

Boeing has yet to formally respond to O’Leary’s meeting request, indicating that the discussions are ongoing.

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