Berlin-Based Startup Kittl Raises $36 Million in Series B Round

Kittl, a Berlin-based firm, has secured $36 million in a Series B investment headed by IVP.
Kittl, a Berlin-based firm, has secured $36 million in a Series B investment headed by IVP.

Berlin-based startup Kittl has successfully raised $36 million in a Series B funding round led by IVP, just a year after its previous funding round of $11.6 million. Kittl specializes in a web-based graphic design tool that eliminates the need for app installations. 

The platform aims to address the middle segment of the market, offering a more powerful design tool than Canva and avoiding the complexities associated with Adobe’s legacy applications.

Targeting the Middle Market Amidst Competition:

Kittl positions itself between industry giant Adobe, known for its Illustrator and Photoshop apps, and Canva, a user-friendly design tool that has gained popularity in the market. 

The startup seeks to provide a comprehensive design solution without the complications associated with exporting files or the limitations of certain tools. 

According to Kittl’s CEO, Nicolas Heymann, the platform aims to streamline the design process, combining various features into a single tool.

Features and Functionality:

Kittl offers a range of features, including logo creation, T-shirt design, card creation, and social media post design. 

The platform incorporates an illustration library and copyright-free photos to facilitate design. Users can start from templates, customize colors, and adjust elements. 

Recent additions to Kittl include AI-based features, such as an AI background remover and generator, contributing to a more efficient design workflow.

Expanding User Base and B2B Traction:

With over a million users, Kittl has gained traction in consumer and business sectors. 

The startup has started to attract B2B clients, with companies like Netflix and Warner Bros. reported to have employees using Kittl internally. 

The platform’s AI-based features aim to enhance the efficiency of designers, allowing them to focus more on strategy and design improvement.

Unbundling Adobe’s Creative Suite:

Kittl is part of a wave of startups aiming to challenge Adobe’s dominance in the creative design space. 

Focusing on innovation and addressing specific user needs, startups like Kittl, Figma, and Canva have carved out niches against Adobe’s comprehensive product suite.

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