Immersion Settles Lawsuit with Meta Over Haptic Feedback Patents

Immersion has reached an agreement with Meta on the use of touch feedback in Meta's Quest VR headset.
Immersion has reached an agreement with Meta on the use of touch feedback in Meta's Quest VR headset.

Immersion, a company specializing in haptic feedback technology, has settled with Meta regarding using touch feedback in Meta’s Quest VR headsets. 

The agreement involves a licensing deal granting Meta access to Immersion’s patents for haptic technologies across its hardware, software, VR, and gaming products. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Background on Immersion:

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Aventura, Florida, Immersion initially gained traction by integrating its haptic feedback and touch technology into Microsoft’s DirectX APIs. 

Over the years, Immersion has acquired many haptic feedback patents, totaling over a thousand by 2014.

Patent Controversy and Litigation:

Despite its innovative contributions, Immersion has faced criticism for its aggressive patent tactics, earning a reputation as a patent troll. 

The company’s patent portfolio has been scrutinized, with some patents being questioned for legitimacy. 

Legal battles against tech giants like Microsoft and Sony have resulted in significant settlements, including multimillion-dollar payments.

Challenges and Sustainability Concerns:

Despite its success in litigation, Immersion’s business model has been questioned for its long-term viability. 

Revenue streams from litigation settlements and patent licensing may not be sustainable, particularly as patents expire. 

The company’s revenue has remained relatively stagnant over the years, with litigation costs and limited targets for patent enforcement posing challenges.

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