French Startup Naboo Raises $8 Million to Reinvent Company Seminar Planning

Naboo, a French startup, just raised $8 million in funding, bringing its valuation to €7.5 million.
Naboo, a French startup, just raised $8 million in funding, bringing its valuation to €7.5 million.

French startup Naboo, specializing in modern online company seminar planning, recently raised $8 million in a funding round, reaching a valuation of €7.5 million. 

The company already processes over $1.5 million in transaction volume per month, marking a significant milestone in its growth.

Naboo’s All-in-One Seminar Planning Solution:

Naboo offers a unique marketplace featuring a selection of curated houses for corporate retreats. The platform goes beyond traditional booking services by providing an all-in-one experience for company seminars. 

Naboo collaborates with caterers, offers various activities, and facilitates transportation arrangements for large groups.

Empowering Customers in Seminar Planning:

Unlike other professional agencies, Naboo empowers customers by allowing them to choose the locations of their seminars. 

This approach caters to smaller segments and facilitates the organization of more personalized and team-focused retreats. Naboo’s transparency in pricing and availabilities enhances the customer experience.

Addressing the Changing Dynamics of Company Seminars:

Naboo’s CEO, Maxime Eduardo, highlighted the shift in companies wanting to organize seminars at the team level rather than the company level. 

The focus is on enhancing team cohesiveness, especially with the rise of hybrid teams. Smaller, more targeted retreats are gaining popularity over large, company-wide events.

Funding Participants and Clients:

Investors in Naboo’s recent funding round included ISAI, Kima Ventures, Better Angle, Cap Horn, and Maif Avenir. 

The startup collaborates with 2,500 places and 500 partners, including caterers and activity providers. Notable clients such as Carrefour, Saint Gobain, Orange, and Renault have embraced Naboo’s platform for seminar planning.

AI Browsing Feature and Future Plans:

Naboo is gearing up to introduce an AI browsing feature to enhance user experience. The feature, demonstrated by CEO Maxime Eduardo, streamlines complex requests by providing a chatbot-like interface. 

Users can specify criteria, and the AI-powered tool presents a table of potential houses that meet the requirements. Naboo’s plans include continued growth and the integration of innovative features.

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