My Memo, Revolutionizes Medication Adherence with Stylish Automatic Pill

The CEO and founder of RGF Diagnostics, the firm behind My Memo, Dr. Roee Dvir, emphasises the product's distinctiveness.
The CEO and founder of RGF Diagnostics, the firm behind My Memo, Dr. Roee Dvir, emphasises the product's distinctiveness.

In the evolving landscape of automatic pill dispensers to enhance medication adherence, Italian startup My Memo stands out with its sleek design and user-friendly approach. 

Recognizing the critical issue of drug adherence, especially for chronic patients managing multiple medications, the company offers a compact solution to streamline and safeguard the medication intake process.

Small Footprint with a Big Impact:

Dr. Roee Dvir, CEO and founder of RGF Diagnostics, the company behind My Memo, emphasizes the uniqueness of their product, stating, “We have created the smallest footprint automatic pill dispenser.” 

The device aims to be inconspicuous yet effective, differentiating itself from competitors like Hero, e-Pill Station, and Medready, which often have a clinical appearance.

Elegant Design for User-Friendly Experience:

My Memo is a closed box that secures medications, prevents accidental access or theft, and prioritizes child safety. The device’s design aligns with the company’s vision to present a medical device that doesn’t resemble traditional clinical equipment, fostering a positive user experience.

Complementing the physical device, My Memo offers a mobile app that serves as a clinical diary. This app caters to caregivers, medical professionals, and patients, providing real-time notifications and alarms. 

Dr. Dvir highlights the comprehensive approach: “You get all the information from the device. If a patient didn’t take the medications, you know it as a caregiver, and you can call them and say, hey, you didn’t take the medication, how come?”

Multi-Sensor Technology and FDA Clearance:

Equipped with various sensors, including temperature, humidity, GPS, and Bluetooth, My Memo ensures a holistic approach to medication management. 

The startup has already introduced the product in Europe and actively pursues FDA clearance for U.S. distribution. The device supports up to four medications, with the flexibility to add more devices to accommodate up to 12 different medications.

My Memo adopts a reasonable pricing model with a $99 initiation fee and a $29 monthly subscription fee. 

This affordability and its advanced features position the device as an accessible and effective solution for individuals with diverse medication needs.

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