Indian Govt Rescues Citizens Trapped in Cambodia Cyber Fraud Schemes

The Indian government has launched measures to rescue its countrymen who were tricked into employment in Cambodia.
The Indian government has launched measures to rescue its countrymen who were tricked into employment in Cambodia.

The Indian government has initiated efforts to rescue its citizens who were deceived into employment in Cambodia and forced to participate in cyber fraud schemes. 

According to statements from India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Randhir Jaiswal, the Indian embassy in Cambodia has collaborated with local authorities to repatriate approximately 250 Indian nationals, with 75 individuals rescued in the last three months alone.

Crackdown on Fraudulent Activities:

Responding to reports indicating the plight of over 5,000 Indians trapped in Cambodia and coerced into perpetrating cyber frauds, Jaiswal affirmed that Indian authorities are actively engaged in addressing the situation. 

Collaborative efforts are underway with Cambodian authorities and agencies in India to crack down on perpetrators responsible for orchestrating fraudulent schemes.

Awareness and Advisory Initiatives:

In addition to rescue operations, the Indian government and its embassy in Cambodia have issued advisories to educate citizens regarding the dangers associated with fraudulent employment opportunities. 

These advisories aim to raise awareness among Indian nationals and prevent further exploitation in such schemes.

Engagement with Cambodian Authorities:

While the Indian government takes proactive measures to safeguard its citizens, engagement with Cambodian authorities remains crucial to the effort. 

The spokesperson emphasized the collaborative approach taken to address the issue and assure the welfare of affected individuals.

Awaited Response from the Cambodian Embassy:

As the Indian government continues its efforts, the Cambodian embassy in India has not immediately responded to the situation. 

However, ongoing coordination and communication between the two countries are essential for the effective resolution and prevention of such incidents in the future.

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