Arson Attack Halts Production at Tesla European Gigafactory in Berlin

Production at Tesla's European Gigafactory near Berlin has been halted following a "extremely dumb" suspected arson attack.
Production at Tesla's European Gigafactory near Berlin has been halted following a "extremely dumb" suspected arson attack.

Production at Tesla’s European Gigafactory located near Berlin came to a halt following an “extremely dumb” suspected arson attack, according to CEO Elon Musk. The incident, which occurred early on Tuesday, resulted in a blaze engulfing an electricity tower close to the site, causing a power outage.

The extent of Damage and Response:

Although the fire brigade swiftly extinguished the fire, and it did not spread to the Tesla site, production was halted, and the premises were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Tesla’s Frankfurt-listed shares experienced a 2.8% decline following the incident.

Claim of Responsibility and Police Investigation:

A letter purportedly from a far-left activist group known as the Volcano Group surfaced. The letter claimed responsibility for the attack in a lengthy diatribe against Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk. The police are investigating the authenticity of the letter, “Agua De Pau,” which refers to a volcanic mountain in the Azores.

Elon Musk condemned the attack, questioning the motives behind targeting electric vehicle production over fossil fuel vehicles. He labeled the act “extremely dumb” and expressed skepticism regarding the perpetrators’ environmental goals.

Impact on Tesla and European Operations:

This incident adds to a series of setbacks faced by Tesla in Europe, including union pressures for collective bargaining agreements and supply disruptions due to shipping attacks in the Red Sea. The disruption is challenging for Germany, which seeks foreign investments amidst economic challenges.

Brandenburg state Interior Minister Michael Stuebgen condemned the attack, emphasizing the potential danger of targeting electricity infrastructure. 

He pledged severe consequences if the initial findings confirmed the act as arson but urged against premature conclusions regarding the perpetrators. Officials from Tesla and local authorities are scheduled to provide further details in a briefing.

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