X, Wins Dismissal of Copyright Lawsuit by Music Publishers

In a lawsuit filed by 17 music publishers, X was successful in getting the majority of the claims dismissed.
In a lawsuit filed by 17 music publishers, X was successful in getting the majority of the claims dismissed.

X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, has successfully obtained the dismissal of most claims in a lawsuit filed by 17 music publishers. 

The publishers accused X of copyright infringement, alleging that the platform allowed users to post music without permission, violating copyrights on nearly 1,700 songs.

Judge Dismisses Key Claims Against X:

U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger in Nashville, Tennessee, ruled that the publishers could not pursue a “comprehensive general liability for infringement” theory against X. 

While two infringement claims were dismissed entirely, a third claim for “contributory” infringement was partially upheld, focusing on X’s handling of “verified” users and takedown notices.

Response from Parties Involved: Publishers and X:

Lawyers for the music publishers did not immediately comment on the ruling, while Alex Spiro, representing X, declined to provide a statement. 

The lawsuit, initiated by Sony Music, Universal Music, and other National Music Publishers’ Association trade group members, sought over $250 million in damages.

The publishers accused X of disregarding copyright infringement and fostering a culture of unauthorized music sharing, positioning it advantageously against platforms that properly license music. They argued that the problem worsened after Elon Musk acquired Twitter.

Legal Analysis: Judge’s Rationale for Dismissal:

Judge Trauger’s decision reflected federal copyright law distinctions. She stated that X was not directly liable for infringement but could be held accountable for failing to address infringing content promptly. 

She also dismissed claims of “vicarious” infringement, asserting that X’s role as a platform provider did not entail policing user-generated content in advance.

Implications for Music Publishers and Online Platforms:

The ruling sets a precedent in the ongoing battle between content creators and online platforms, highlighting the complexities of copyright enforcement in the digital age. 

While the legal victory is significant for X, it underscores the need for platforms to strengthen measures to address copyright concerns while maintaining user engagement.

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