Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude: A Symphony of Success in Dubai’s Real Estate Arena

The Inspiring Journey of Determination, Innovation, and Triumph


In the world of real estate and entrepreneurship, few stories resonate with the vibrancy and inspiration of Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude’s rise to prominence. Born in the USA, raised in Lebanon, and now a luminary in Dubai’s real estate sector, Anthony’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and resilience.

Early Life and Challenges:
Anthony’s story begins in Lebanon, where he grew up nurturing grand aspirations. However, he soon realized that his dreams were larger than what his surroundings and a $500-$600 monthly income could support. Faced with this realization, Anthony decided to stop blaming his circumstances and took a leap of faith.

A Bold Move to Dubai:
In 2014, with a modest sum of money and a heart full of dreams, Anthony moved to Dubai. The city, known for its luxury real estate and booming economy, presented the perfect backdrop for his ambitions.

Rise in Real Estate:
Anthony’s initial years in Dubai were spent learning the ropes of the real estate industry. He focused on developing his skills, understanding the market, and observing his peers. His dedication soon paid off, and he began to make a name for himself in the competitive world of Dubai real estate.

Founding of Primestay:
Identifying a niche in the market for short-term rentals, Anthony founded Primestay. The company quickly became known for its exceptional service in providing fully furnished accommodations, tailored to the needs of tourists, investors, residents, and corporate clients. Under his leadership, Primestay expanded to offer a range of services, including housekeeping, laundry, and VIP concierge services, alongside property management and interior design.

Recognition and Awards:
Anthony’s efforts did not go unnoticed. He was awarded the best broker consecutively from 2018 to 2021 by major developers such as Emaar, Dubai holdings, and Jumeirah Golf Estate. This recognition cemented his status as a leading figure in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

Challenges and Resilience:
Despite his success, Anthony’s journey was not without obstacles. He faced competition, jealousy, and the loss of friendships. However, these challenges only strengthened his resolve and commitment to his goals.

Broader Influence:
Beyond real estate, Anthony has made his mark as the host of the podcast ‘Dubai Stars’ and as an author. His book “Take Charge” became an Amazon best-seller, offering insights into his philosophy of success and empowerment.

Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude’s story is more than a rags-to-riches narrative; it’s a compelling saga of a visionary who transformed his life through sheer willpower and strategic thinking. His journey from a young dreamer in Lebanon to a celebrated entrepreneur in Dubai serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals worldwide. His story eloquently demonstrates that with determination and hard work, the sky is indeed the limit.

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