Navigating the Future: Hemanth Kumar at NRF Sharing Strategic Insights unlocking innovation in Retail


Accomplished Innovation leader, Hemanth Kumar maintains more than 16 years of experience in providing industry thought leadership. He works directly with Retailers providing innovation driven product engineering and architecture consulting. 

At NRF 2024 NYC, notable emerging trends in retail took center stage. Hemanth shared his views with industry leaders on advancements in checkout’s leveraging RFID’s, loss prevention leveraging computer vision and machine learning, augmented reality for enhanced shopping experiences, and the integration of GenAI for personalized customer journeys. 

The event showcased a dynamic landscape where technology and consumer expectations converge to shape the future of retail. 

In the dynamic realm of retail, staying ahead means fostering connections with like-minded leaders shaping the industry’s future. After NRF 2024, where emerging trends took center stage, it was crucial to extend the conversation beyond the event. Hemanth was navigating the changing landscape by connecting with fellow retail leaders exploring innovation strategies, sharing insights, and collaborating on embracing the transformative trends that are reshaping the retail experience.

Hemanth states that “Capitalizing on new ideas requires an innovation strategy that is aligned with business priorities emphasizing on solving critical customer problems, yet is flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions. Hemanth has been leading many successful and innovative product launches, bringing a valuable skill to the companies that he operates within. 

While building more innovative strategies with his Retail Customers, Hemanth has also been working closely with founders and investors in defining cohesive product roadmaps, product strategies for the go-to-market, and setting product architecture and technology direction. 

Hemanth is incredibly passionate about solving real-world customer problems in retail by leveraging emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. At InfoVision, Hemanth has built many partnerships and has led diversified technology teams. He is also notably a distinguished speaker at international retail and AI conferences, invited regularly to share his expertise and skills. 

Being partnered with Infovision, which was founded in 1995, he is able to be a part of a leading global IT services and solutions company offering enterprise digital transformation and modernization solutions across business verticals. 

To learn more about Hemanth Kumar and the innovative work that he is doing with InfoVision, visit his LinkedIn.

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