Meta Delays AI Model Launch in Europe Following Regulatory Pushback

Meta Platforms has stated that it will postpone the debut of its Meta AI models in Europe.
Meta Platforms has stated that it will postpone the debut of its Meta AI models in Europe.

Meta Platforms has announced it will delay the launch of its Meta AI models in Europe. This decision follows a request from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), driven by concerns over Meta’s plan to use data from Facebook and Instagram users without explicit consent.

Advocacy Group Complaints:

The delay comes after advocacy group NOYB called on European data protection authorities to act against Meta.

NOYB’s complaints targeted Meta’s intention to use personal data to train its AI models without obtaining user consent, despite Meta’s claim that it would use only publicly available and licensed information.

Meta’s Response:

Meta expressed disappointment with the DPC’s request, citing previous incorporation of regulatory feedback and informing European Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) since March.

The company criticized the request as a setback for European AI innovation and competition. Meta stated that the inability to include local information would result in offering a “second-rate experience” to European users, thus postponing the launch of Meta AI in the region.

Regulatory Engagement:

The DPC welcomed Meta’s decision to pause the launch, emphasizing the intensive engagement with the company.

Meta also mentioned addressing similar requests from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which appreciated Meta’s decision and highlighted its ongoing review of AI developers to protect user information rights.

Ongoing Legal Issues:

NOYB’s chair, Max Schrems, noted that Meta’s temporary halt was due to the group’s recent complaints.

He emphasized that without an official change in Meta’s privacy policy, the commitment remains non-binding, and ongoing cases require formal determination.

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